New Year New You | 8-week Challenge Traverse City & Waterford

New Year New You | 8-week Challenge Traverse City & Waterford

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Boomers’ New Year New You Challenge is for men and women of all fitness levels striving to lose weight, tone up, build confidence & be their best in 2019.

During our 8-week transformation you will:

  • Cleanse and detoxify your body while refueling with clean, whole foods

  • Create new, healthy habits while leaving your old cravings and bad habits in 2018

  • Boost your energy, metabolism, and feel better physically and mentally

  • Make healthy and delicious meals, that work with your budget and schedule

  • Connect with a motivating and supportive group of men and women

Let our 8-week challenge be the start of a goal crushing, stronger, healthier and happier new year and new you!

With the new year comes excitement, a fresh start, purpose, passion, and determination. Boomers Bootcamp is here with our New Year New You Challenge to help kick off your 2019 strong! We’re ready to help you set goals, get results, and create a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain throughout the whole year. This 8 week transformation challenge includes:

Our #1 Meal Plan

Get the absolute best results with our renowned meal plan. You will receive customized weekly meal plans and grocery lists that can be simplified and personalized, so you can lose weight while eating what you enjoy! Everything is organized and laid out for you, all you have to do is shop, prep, and stay committed!

Recipe Book

Our fit fam favorites as well as brand new snacks, desserts, and meals in one recipe book. We have integrated recipes into each weekly meal plan, but you always have the option to make substitutions and try new things as much or as little as you want. Delicious and nutritious meals the whole family will love!

Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainers

Top notch nutrition and fitness coaching guaranteed. Our team will inspire you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing. They’ll be right by your side to help you modify any or all exercises when needed and push you to step beyond your comfort zone when it comes to bootcamp, nutrition, and living an overall better lifestyle.

Unlimited Bootcamp

Everyday our coaches bring you fresh new exercises, so you are never doing the same workout and you never get bored! Each workout is the perfect combo of strength and cardio designed with efficiency, purpose, and you in mind. Where else can you be challenged, supported, full of sweat, and have a blast all at the same time? Oh and did we mention it’s only 30 minutes (2%) of your day? Workouts that fit your schedule and your ability!

Daily accountability, encouragement, motivation & way more!