We all have our own story... 

our own timeline of why we are who we are today. I believe in following your dreams, being true to who you are, love what you do, don’t compromise yourself for anything, and have no regrets. My life has been a crazy ride so far, but it has all gotten me to where I am today. 

My Name is Kasi Hogeboom, I am 30 years old. I’ve always been very active, whether it was spending time outdoors with family and friends or playing organized sports. I did every sport you can think of growing up but my true love has always been basketball. I aspired to play in college and was on my way when out of nowhere, a great opportunity to fell in my lap. I decided to pursue my passion of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, CA. 

I moved to LA when I was 17 years old to pursue my acting and modeling career. I didn't realize it then, but during this time I learned some of the most important lessons that would help me with my career today. It wasn’t easy by any means, but I wouldn’t take back those early days spent in LA for anything. I became the strong, independent women I am today because I struggled, I succeeded, I failed, I conquered.

I then traveled and lived In Denver, CO before making my way back to Michigan. I fell right back into the basketball scene while taking a job coaching and training. I started working as a part time trainer for Fit Body Boot Camp in 2014. That transitioned into a full time position as I took my coaching from the court to the blue mats.

I never had a plan of opening my own facility, but as it all unfolded it seemed like this was God’s plan all along. I partnered with my dad, Gary, who is a former NFL quarterback of 11 years. He has coached me, trained me, and taught me since I was a little kid. Since retirement he has always wanted to open a gym, his passion for fitness is on another level. We then got my brother, Jake, who is a real estate Broker full time to partner up with us. Jake is an elite athlete who played basketball at MSU and right out of college started his own business that has grown to over 100 employees. We knew it would be a great partnership. And who better to do it with than your dad and brother! 

My experiences over the years have allowed me to find out what really matters to me. 

What I have I found most fulfilling is helping other people achieve their fitness goals. Our goal at FBBC is to impact as many lives in these communities as possible. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients form healthy habits, get stronger, and create a lifestyle that can be sustained. 

There will be much more to add in the years to come, we are looking forward to expanding and growing our team. And continue to help our clients get results! 

We believe that your gym, as well as your exercise routine, should be central to your healthy lifestyle. That is why we try our best to have locations near the places you go every day. We are constantly expanding into neighborhoods throughout northern Michigan. We design our gyms around you - to give you the most awesome workout possible. That is why our dedicated studios are four walls of innovative, ass-kicking fun. Click on the location closest to you to find out more info.